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How about a great ride on a Catrike. 
A three wheel fun machine. 
We have demos of all models to try.

Catrike has won the BROL Award for trike of the year 9 yrs.     
It is worth your time and effort to take a ride on a Catrike. 
No other three wheel trike can compare to the quality of Catrike!!
We stock all Catrike models.
*We are a warehouse filled with Catrikes*   
Good chance of getting your Catrike the same day you visit us.
A mirror, pedals with clip shoe option, seat with three pockets to carry your keys etc., and a flag comes with a every Catrike. 

The three wheel trike has given people the ability to exercise, have fun and enjoy nature. People of all ages love the sporty design. If you are a casual rider or a rider looking for speed, there is a Catrike for you. This is a bike you can ride.                

We are dedicated to this fabulous trike.  
You will be smiling after trying a Catrike. 
Visit Catrike Mega Store in Lisbon Oh.

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We stock all models of Catrike
We make trike racks for your vehicle
Only for customers who buy Catrikes from us
It is at our discretion, as time allows
Call & talk with Wayne about a single or double rack.

*Falco Pedal Assist System*
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Special needs, not a problem. 
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