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   ***Buy a Catrike from us to be a Member of our Catrike Club!***
       Meet new people,   make new friends,   join in the fun of planning events!
                      60 - 90 Catrikes in stock
  Also: Bionx Electric Assist rear wheel motors 20"  &   26"
                     Come experience the fun of Bionx

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         ** Note of Caution**
               Check the weather!    Is it safe for you to ride?
                  Bike trails have a lot of trees that fall on the trail.
                                        Use good judgement
                  Cancelations due to weather or other reasons
                              will be posted on website.
                                      Bring your smile :-)

              *Always check map for directions*


              **November 1st**
                    **Winter hours**

             Call for a personal appointment

               Demo's for sale in October
                      Reduced price
                         Low miles
                       Full warranty

    **Ken & Jerry  Pittsburgh Pa Ride**
                 Saturday Oct. 18th
                        25 miles
      Jerry Young is leaving here at 8:30  
            Leading group to Eat-N-Park
                 Breakfast at 10:00

Rt. 30 East to cutover to Imperial Rt #376
    past airport to Robinson Town Center
                Exit #60 B onto Rt. #60
          Turn left onto Park Manner Dr.
            Eat-N-Park is on the right

Ken Tomes is leading group at 11:00
           Rt.#376 into Pittsburgh
      Before Fort Pitt Tunnel take
        Exit Rt.#51 N/ West End
   (DO NOT take Union Town Exit)
         Cross over West End Bridge
                   Stay in left lane
Turn left onto Rt.#65 Chatteau St.
             Chatteau goes to right
Stay in left lane to 1st left u turn to
                     Beaver Ave.
                 Be in right lane 
          1st right North Franklin St.
    Turn right onto Metropolitan Ave
   Parking lot   Bike Haven Bike Shop
             Ride to start there

Call Ken Tomes if you have questions

      **Winter Hours begin Nov. 1st**
                 Store open by appointment

           Meet with Travis personally to demo a Catrike

                     We build & deliver all year long
                            Get ready for spring