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   ***Buy a Catrike from us to be a Member of our Catrike Club!***
         Meet new people, make new friends, join in the fun of planning events!
                      60 - 90 Catrikes in stock
  Also: Bionx Electric Assist rear wheel motors 20"  &   26"
                     Come experience the fun of Bionx

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         ** Note of Caution**
               Check the weather!    Is it safe for you to ride?
                  Bike trails have a lot of trees that fall on the trail.
                                        Use good judgement
                  Cancelations due to weather or other reasons
                              will be posted on website.
                                      Bring your smile :-)

              *Always check map for directions*

               Demo's for sale in October
                      Reduced price
                         Low miles
                       Full warranty

      **Winter Hours begin Nov. 1st**
                 Store open by appointment

                   Meet with us to demo a Catrike

                     We build & deliver all year long
                            Get ready for spring

    Thank You for supporting our shop