Lisbon Rail To Trail
                      CATRIKE MEGA STORE 
       **Largest selection of Catrikes in the world**
                      **60 to 90 in stock**
                   **Some with COLORED BOOMS**

              Open  Tuesday - Friday  noon - 5
                                         Saturdays  10 - 5

    Closed  Memorial Weekend   Sat. May 24th
    Closed  July  4 & 5     Friday & Sat.



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Our Location:

Eastern Ohio line

Columbiana County

South east side     of Lisbon

1 mile west of Rt. 11


9044 S. R. 45 South of Lisbon



Eastern Ohio

Southern end of
Rt. 11   between mile marker 15 & 16, exit   Lisbon.

Rt. 154  head west  for 1 mile to Lisbon, 

Turn left at light on Rt.45 south by

Carter Lumber,

3 blocks on the left

6 months
      to pay
  Bill Me Later
 300 mile
 of Lisbon
  You can
 reach us

           **Winter Season Hours**
Oct. 1st - March 31st  by Appointment

Call any time to talk with Travis or Wayne. 
You can visit even when the snow is falling. 
Come see the huge selection of Catrikes. 
We deliver all year.
Call  330-424-3214
Wayne & Travis can answer your questions.

            We have a warehouse filled with
  lots of colors & all models of Catrikes 
   Demos of each model for you to try

                                   700       27*  &  25*  angles
                                               30 sp thumb shifters
                                                700's in stock
                         Expedition       37*  angle
                                               30 sp thumb shifters
                                               20" front tires
                                               26" rear tire
                                               4.25" ground clearance
                                                Expeditions in stock
                               Road          adjustable angle 39* to 47*
                                                20" tires
                                                4" ground clearance
                                                shock absorption
                                                Road electric blue in stock 
                               Villager      adjustable angle 35* to 55*
                                                27 sp twist shifters
                                                30 sp bar end
                                                20" tires
                                                5.5" ground clearance   
                                                 Villagers in stock 
                               Trail           adjustable angle 39* to 53*
                                                27 sp twist shifters
                                                30 sp bar end
                                                20" front tires
                                                3.5 ground clearance
                                         ***  Lots of colors in stock ***
                                                Trails in stock
                             Pocket          angle 45* or 41*
                                                 27 sp twist shifters
                                                 30 sp bar end
                                                 16" or 20" front tires
                                                 20" rear tire
                                                2.75 ground clearance
                                                Pockets in stock
                  We have original full length Catrike chain in stock
                   We stock original replacment parts
                  Allow plenty of time when you come
                              & wear clothes to ride. 
                             Do not wear sandals etc.
                                   Special needs, not a problem. 
                                Talk with Travis about getting you
                                    back on the trail in a Catrike. 
                                           We solve problems. 


Thank you for supporting our shop!       

          **We accept any major credit card & cash**
      Also PayPal  Bill Me Later  with 6 months to pay