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We demo, sell, service, & delivery all winter.
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Made in USA  Orlando Fl

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New Dumont has arrived 
***Lots of great colors on the way***
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Bionx *electric motor rear wheel assist*
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We now carry
Exustar  $75

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Winter hrs begin Dec. 1st - till Spring
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Our Location:
9044 State Route 45  
Lisbon Ohio
GPS:  80.75550   40.76943

9044 OH-45

We deliver all year
Free delivery within 300 miles of Lisbon or
Come for a visit, buy a Catrike,
We pay for a hotel night or campsite night.

Store        330-424-3214
Cell/text  330-424-8480   cell/text

Family Run
Wayne Wallace  Sales, Service
Wayne has been in business at this location since 1973.

Cindy Wallace    Office, Sales
Wayne's wife & partner of 35 yrs

Travis Wallace    Sales, Service 

Shane Wallace    Sales

Made in U.S.A.

Dumont in fire red

Dumont   $4150  
Candy purple Demo has arrived
Lots of great colors on order
Full suspension    26" back wheel
Adjustable back, padded seat
30 speed, bar shifters

559 Folding  $3150
Lumbar back,   26" rear wheel
Adjustable back, padded seat
30 speed, bar shifters

700       $2950
Lumbar back  700 rear wheel
30 speed, bar shifters

Expedition  $2550
Lumbar back   26" rear wheel
30 speed , bar shifters
Road    $3150
Adjustable seat   20" wheels
Lumbar back, shock, padded seat
30 speed, bar shifters                                          

Villager   $2550
Adjustable seat, 20" wheels, padded seat
30 speed, bar shifters 

Trail Non Fold $2550
 Adjustable seat, 20" wheels, padded seat
30 speed, bar shifters
Folding Trail  $2950
Adjustable seat   20" wheels
Lumbar back,  padded seat
30 speed, bar shifters

Pocket  $2150
Lumbar back   20" wheels
Non adjustable seat
30 speed, bar shifters               

Lots of colors & all models
Limited colors & special colors
We are a warehouse filled with Catrikes
Special needs
Tell us  
We take the time to meet your need.
Start riding again with a Catrike.                                 We accept 
 All major credit cards & cash
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Allow plenty of time for your Catrike demo visit with us
You will have a lot of questions. 
Wear clothing to ride
We spend plenty of time with you.
You will not be pressured to buy.
We know it is a big purchase.
We want you to be sure the model is right for you

We can build a receiver rack for your vehicle 
Single or double to carry Catrikes        
It is at our discretion, as time allows 
Prices vary as to what you need.
Talk with Wayne

No refunds, returns, exchanges
You may come several times to demo the Catrikes     
Eastern Ohio 
Near PA, WV State Lines

Southern end of Rt. 11,  mile marker 15, exit -  Lisbon

Turn right onto Rt. 154,  head west  for 1 mile to Lisbon, 

Turn left at light onto Rt.45 south by Carter Lumber

3 blocks, on the left.    Look for Catrike road sign

Thank You for supporting our shop